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Our mission is to produce the highest quality cannabis from heirloom genetics. We’re driven by decades of effort and dedication to pushing the boundaries of cutting-edge cannabis cultivation. Integrity and quality are the center of our process. 


From the days of growing in the garage to pushing the current gold standard of cannabis, we are dedicated to producing and pursuing unique genetics that stand the test of time and the changing demands of the market. IC Collective upholds the heart of creative cannabis curation. We are committed to pursuing the unique terpene profiles and high THC content that have helped us hold on through market crashes and secured our products’ top shelf status, and are driving cannabis evolution to new heights. 


IC Collective also offers multiple artisanal cannabis products, including concentrates and pre-rolls. The care and craft of cannabis products is a passion for us.  We cultivate cannabis because we are passionate about its history and its future. We have proudly been a mainstay in this work for over 20 years.


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