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When you open the jar you'll get hit with a combination of fuel and candy aromas that's well beyond unique. Ziablo grows Beautiful big buds with a subtle hue of lavender.


A fiery cut with signature orange hair, Diablo OG is a devilishly delicious OG gifted to IC Collective. It has a rich piney flavor and a slight citrus aftertaste and is known for its oversized buds and appetite-enhancing potential.


This cultivar grows like Chemscout with good structure and tight buds with a hint of dough.


This rare gem was created when Chem D got impregnated by  Fog Dog . The essence of both parents are prevalent throughout. 


The newest addition to our powerhouse arsenal twinkles like a jewel  in the light. It was created when a Crossroad Chem female got too close to Fog Dog pollan donor.

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This. Is. The. Shit.  Bred by legendary Diamondback Genetics, T.I.T.S. blends Sour Diesel with OGKB for an epiphany of cannabis perfection.

Screen Shot 2020-12-18 at 4.14.43 PM.png

As classic as cannabis gets, the iconic Chem Dog 91 is a skunky and sweaty nugget that shaped 90s pot couture. This resinous godmother of conemporary cannabis is the centerfold of our strain library.


Two classics Chemdog x SF VOG collide in this colossal strain. , Chem Krush is a THC heavyweight with several tests stretching past 30%. Bred by Skunk VA.


A punch of pine awaits your nose when Chem Dog 91 meets her match in the equally esteemed SFV OG . This is the type of cannabis that makes your forehead sweat as you remember the first time you got high.

Bring it back to the 90s with this clone-only super rare OG. Often imitated but never beat. She reeks of fuel and has the power to match. IC Cultivated the headband that took first place in the 2013 HighTimes Cannabis Cup.


Our 2014 NorCal Cannabis Cup Indica champion, Chem Scout is the quintessential, laid-back Bay Area strain. Dense, rock-hard cookies spring forth with a fully finish on the nose.


Brought to life by Chem Dog himself in 2000, Chem D hails from the same magical ounce of dogbud that contained 13 seeds that gave life to the chem family of genetics.

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