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IC- signature offering of boutique flower comes in 3.5 gram strain-specific jars. Jarred & labelled by our team, every bud goes under the microscope before it goes into an IC 1/8 jar. Most 1/8 Jars consist of two to four whole buds. 

Pheno-Hunt: When we hunt our genetics, we release them in jars labelled “Pheno-Hunt” until we cull our winning selection. Any given strain coming from seed could have 10-50 phenotypes meaning no strain is exactly like the other—though they all share certain traits.

Winning Selections: Once we pick a winning varietal, we give that strain a name. Then, we create strain-specific art that matches the IC heritage & the strain’s characteristics. If a strain has custom art & an official name attached to it, that means the strain meets the “IC Standard”

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