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Get to know Coco: The Benefits of a Soilless Medium

While many plants are cultivated with great success using soil, there are substantive benefits to growing in a soilless medium. IC Collective uses coco coir, a soilless medium made from the fibers found between the inner shell of coconut and its outer husk.

There are two main varieties of fibers, one coming from older coconuts and the other from younger ones. The fibers sourced from the older coconuts are brown, and strong, while the ones sourced from younger coconuts are more flexible, creating a balance of effective drainage and beneficial water retention, so that unlike hydroponic systems, there isn’t the constant struggle to maintain moisture levels.

Coco coir contains significant amounts of natural phosphorus and potassium. Phosphorus is essential for plants’ root development and flowering, as well as energy transfer within the plant. Potassium works to regulate metabolism within the plant and regulates water pressure inside and outside of the plant cells. Most traditional soil-based nutrient bases tend to include higher levels of potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen.

Because coir’s nutrient content is consistent and known, plant nutrition can be controlled more precisely than with soil. It’s also convenient that coir is ph neutral, offering extra control over ph balance, which is vital for optimal plant health. For all these reasons, we’ve chosen coco as our growing medium, and the results speak for themselves -- healthy plants grow bigger, better, more fragrant flowers.

This is the goal for all of IC Collective’s strains - we’re pushing the boundaries of the possible in the plant world, steadily producing the highest quality cannabis and cannabis products available on the market today… and yesterday... and tomorrow.

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