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Origin: Tallac is synonymous with Tahoe & the great escape it represents. We’ve spent a lifetime of summers traversing Mt. Tallac to find inner peace--and the perfect smoke spot. Nestled South of Lake Tahoe on the border of California & Nevada, ‘Til-ACK’ means Big Mountain--and in this case, Big Smoke. 

Strain Description: We took our true California OG variety and crossed it to the legendary Sour Diesel birthed a mutant in the best of ways. Tallac has a new and completely different look than her parents. The growth shows a towering, mountain-like structure with a velvety wet appearance, oozing with resinous sap. The hues of purple and its magical stance remind us of those special days in the mountains when the light is fading and that pleasant hue of pink and purple fills the sky. Mt Tallac is the beacon to get you home.






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